May. 18th, 2009

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Saturday night we had a phenomenal dinner at Chez Squalid's river retreat. Every time I go over there's always something new. This time it was the snazzy new sunporch. Mike and Tom were the other guests and we feasted on a sumptuous meal with great wines and a gorgeous table set by the Sarge who was channeling Miss Hill in a big way. What a delight!

Sunday morning I woke up at 4am with an ominous pain I'd had before. I thought it was acute Gastrointeritis but it turned out to be a major gall bladder attack.I had just enough time to get dressed nicely (khakis, sport shirt, socks, loafers; don't ask, it's me) and hustle to the hospital before the inevitable happened - violent vomiting and acute stomach pain. I have to say, the emergency room personnel at our local hamlet hospital in the country are so sweet and accommodating. Of course they're not used to a 'take charge' guy like me ("screw the Morphine, it doesn't work. Just give me 2 injections of Diottin'"). Eventually when things were calming down I called Miss Hill ('guess who I slept with last night - and where?'). They dragged me in for a CatScan where I found out there was something wrong with the gallbladder. So back to SF today to get a referral and run over to the hospital and find out what Chapter 2 is going to be on this little saga. Next step: lining up the doctors. Christ. Always something.

I saw Bruce Vilanch roaming aorund Union Square last week. Seeing all of him - this time wearing yet another stained t-shirt - reminded me of a time he was supposed to stay at the hotel. This must have been around 2000. Anyways, I ordered a VIP gift, a custom cookie made to look like the Hollywood Squares checkerboard with a big heart in the center square. Underneath the checkerboard the script was to have read "You're our favorite secret square".

Instead it came out reading "You're our favorite secret squirrel".

Fortunately he cancelled at the last minute as he got nicer accommodations.
Hopefully next to a dry cleaners.

What is it about Bruce that he can't dress decently? I know the guy is overweight but there are plenty of oveweight guys who can still wear something other than a t-shirt and jeans. And with Bruce's income, he has plenty of moolah to go to a tailor and get a couple of pants and shirts made. Truly, there is no excuse to looking like a slob 24/7.

Speaking of the Rrazz room (where Bruce played last week) Diane Schuur is opening on Wednesday the 20th for a four night gig. If you love jazz and standards, she is a must. If you haven't been to the Rrazz Room, do. It's dressy (coats for the guys, ties optional but preferred), classic and fun. And she puts on a great show.

Back to me pain pills


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