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I'm here and delighted to be back among the writers of the world. More after I get everything uploaded.
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Happiest of birthday wishes to[ profile] fuzzygruf and [ profile] double_ohsteven  !!!

Sending you both a year filled with love, laughter, success, happiness, love - and great sex!
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Cumpleanos Feliz a [ profile] smiley_kiley !
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FELIZ CUMPLEANOS TO[ profile] ursine1  !!!
Wishing you a wonderfully happy, healthy & relaxing year!!
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I travel a fair amount for work so my company has pre-negotiated rates with hotels & rental cars and when I'm on the road, time and convenience are two very important factors. However, when it comes to my own personal travel, I've known that rates do vary depending on travel dates, discounts available and so forth.

My pet peeve is rental cars. Renting a car at the airport these days brings on a lot of extra fees and in many cases, enormous rate differences for the same car. Case in point: I wanted to rent a car from Hertz to drive from Palm Springs to SF as I had bought a piece of furniture that I needed to cart home. I went online, put in my discount code and came up with two vastly different rates for the same car (Chevrolet Impala).

Daily rate from Hertz airport: $112.04                                          
Tax: $10.91                                                                                     
Airport Concession Fee recovery: $12.47                                   
Vehicle Licensing Cost recovery: $0.28                                      
Customer Facility Surcharge: $10.00
California Tourism Commission assessment: $3.92

Daily rate from Hertz Local Edition: $67.49
Tax: $5.93
Vehicle Licensing Cost Recovery: $0.28
Total; $73.70

That's a $75.92 difference for the same car going to the same location!

And here's another hot tip - you can rent from Hertz Local Edition and return to the airport and pay the fees and rates from Local Edition and not have to pay the other fees if you rented at the airport. It doesn't work in every city - sometimes they tack on a daily mileage charge so read your reservation very carefully. Also, most Hertz Local Edition offices are closed on weekends and are open during "bankers hours" (i.e., 8am - 5pm) on weekdays.

The reason I prefer Hertz is that they have the most locations and a very strong "Local Edition" program around the country. Avis would be my second choice with National the last (although I do love National's Emerald Aisle at major airports where I can choose my own car to rent when on business).
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One of the musical treats of Palm Springs is KWXY. It's an FM radio station whose format is Beautiful Music, a format that's mostly instrumental or instrumental with vocalists and was popular from the 60's through the 80's. "Elevator Music", "Muzak:, "Mood Music" and "Easy Listening" describes this genre.

Driving down to the desert, once you hit the outskirts of Beaumont, I tune the radio to 98.5 on the FM dial and out of the speakers flows this "heavenly music" laden with melodies, rich strings, horns and beautiful, clear vocals: from love songs to ballads and lovely harmonies in the backgrounds. Truly it's a genre in its own world and makes the best background music to work or listen to as you go about your day.

KWXY also has some of the best DJ's from the old school of disc jockeys: none of this shock-in-your-face garbage or silly contests: just DJ's who know their music and know their audience which happens to be a very aging bunch of retirees or people like me who really love this uncluttered genre of music.

Last but not least, KWXY was locally owned and operated. These days most radio stations are either owned by networks or conglomerates, like Clear Channel. That's why no matter where you go you'll find the same stations and shows everywhere ("Bob FM" for rockers, Dave Koz for the smooth jazz folks). It's dull and boring.

So imagine my surprise when I turned on the radio on Wednesday morning only to learn that the station was sold and the format would be ending on Sunday
. I was crushed. Where else, other than XM radio could I find beautiful music?

So I did what I always do when I want to find something out: I hit the internet, specifically Wikipedia. Sure enough there was a whole article on Beautiful Music listing many stations that still play this format. Here are some stations that stream these lush sessions online:

WKTZ Jacksonville, FL.

KAHM, Prescott, AZ

WHLC, Cashiers, NC


Central Texas

In my opinion, WKTZ and KAHM have the best streaming. XM's "Escape" has the advantage of letting you know what's being played.

So when you need to take a break from rock, jazz or whatever your favorite genre may be, give this a shot. You'll be pleasantly surprised.

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I know absolutely nothing about computers. Now my Dad knows computers for days. He's got a Power Mac G5 for sale. Here's the info:

:The G5 came with a number of different CPU boards.  This one has 2 CPU boards with a 2.7 GHZ speed which is the fastest they made for this computer series.   It also has 6 GB of working memory which is probably 4 GB more than most.   Also there is a lot of good software included.   I should really ask more but I want to sell it.


2 x 400 GB serial ATA 7200 drives
Bella Professional Series Fnal Cut Pro keyboard
Apple Mouse
16 x Super Drive double-layer (DVD+R DL/DVD +-RW/CD-4W
6 GB DDR400 SDRAM working memory

Computer, Keyboard and Mouse in excellent condition
Final Cut Pro Suite Version 2 installed
Ilife 09

The cost of the Final Cut Pro Suite and Professional Keyboard alone are more than  $1200.00
Excellent system for video editing and still photography




Price:   $900.00 plus shipping.   
Computer is here in South City.

Let me know if you're interested.

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How would you caption this picture?
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Sending delicious birthday greetings to [ profile] foodpoisoningsf . Wishing you nothing but love, laughter, great sex, happiness, good health and continued success.
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[profile] bearchitect celebrates his birthday today out in Baltimore. Wishing you a fantastic day and a terrific year ahead filled with everything you love to do and more!
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Accroding to Ann Landers, there are two things you should never do in bed. What are they?

My answer: )
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I can't believe that Energy 927 was sold. Fernando and Greg were a great DJ-duo who had the best morning drive show in time. The fact that they were Gay (and totally out) added to the morning fabulousness. 

First our jazz station (KKSF) is mainstream, now this. I'm back to listening to cassette's.

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I know I've missed a couple of you guys on your birthdays so I thought I'd better get the shout-out now for two guys who have numeral-changing events this week:

Happy Birthday [ profile] heypyro !

Happy Birthday [ profile] tonymorg !

Cheers to both of you for a great year ahead, happiness, love and good health.

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The best of the best to the best of the best: happy birthday [profile] lumberjackie_o !!!
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Cumpleanos Feliz, [ profile] qbear !
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The Animal Rescue Site is having trouble getting enough people to click on it daily so they can meet their quota of getting free food donated every day to abused and neglected animals. It takes less than a minute (about 15 seconds) to go to their site and click on the purple box 'fund food for animals for free'. This doesn't cost you a thing.

Their corporate sponsors/advertisers use the number of daily visits to donate food to abandoned/neglected animals in exchange for advertising. 

So click and pass it on to others if you so incline.
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[ profile] enhydrasf - happy birthday!!!
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Just as Bohemian Grove encampment leaves (and the whores stationed in Rio Nido) the Bears return to the River for Drug Bear Weekend.

I checked in with [ profile] squalidbear  to see who was freeloading  staying at his lair this weekend. He then proceeded to tell me this funny joke:

What do you call 10 meth addicts?
A full set of teeth.

I roared. But when you look at what Lazy Bear has become, it's really sad.

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I'm back at work and social life is cranked up so that means NO TIME to read or post on LJ. And I've already missed a couple of birthdays so happy belated to [ profile] sfmini  and [ profile] joebehrsandiego .

And since the rest of June is a clusterfuck as far as time goes, early great wishes go out to:

[ profile] carytown  on June 13th.

[ profile] anziulewicz  on June 19th

[ profile] profkampf and [ profile] markosf  on June 21st

Wishing you all a great day and a super year filled with love, laughter,happiness, good health and success!

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Happy Birthday [ profile] djjohnbear !

Cheers to you for a fantastic day and a terrific year ahead!

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